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Lidi pracují pro lidiVřídlo, v.d. - The traditional cosmetics manufacturer from Karlovy Vary

For thousands of years the world-renowned spring with curative mineral water – the Karlovy Vary Vřídlo Spring - has been gushing from the earth. It has become the symbol of the largest and most famous spa in the Czech Republic. The spa lies in the centre of Europe and the spring is truly its eternally pulsating heart. Everything that is important for making Karlovy Vary the great spa resort it is, is concentrated around this hot spring. It supplies all the spa facilities with thermal therapeutic water, from which the Karlovy Vary hot-spring salts are made and provides the gaseous carbon dioxide necessary for the gas baths. One of fountainheads of the Vřídlo hot-water spring (72°C) is indeed the spring that is gushing in the Vřídlo Colonnade and attracts the attention of all the guests visiting the city.

In 1954, a manufacturing cooperative VŘÍDLO v.d., was established with its main goal to utilize the gold-mine of unique natural wealth of the Karlovy Vary location; and with its products open up the possibility of enhancing the accessibility of these natural resources also to a wider market. That is the reason why the Cooperation was named after the Karlovy Vary Geyser Vřídlo.

VŘÍDLO (in Czech) = GEYSER


And so the Manufacturing Cooperation VŘÍDLO, located in Karlovy Vary, has ever since 1954 been producing cosmetics in the Czech Republic,  employing original recipes of Karlovy Vary pharmacists from the 19th and 20th centuries; with the use of modern and topmost manufacturing technology.

The Manufacturing Cooperation VŘÍDLO v.d. is the only true manufacturer of Karlovy Vary cosmetics and is the sole holder of the
KARLOVARSKÁ KOSMETIKA® trade name. Only products carrying this trademark are guaranteed to have the recognized top quality and be manufactured in the stated location – that is, in the city of Karlovy Vary. Therefore, we suggest that you pay careful attention to the logotypes and trademarks printed on the wrappings of these products. In today’s oversaturated market it is easy to for the customer to become confused. VŘÍDLO, v.d. located in Karlovy Vary uses these registered trademarks:

Cosmetika Carolinum        KK       Logo Vřídlo 1       Logo Vřídlo 2

Cosmetics products under registered trade mark Karlovarská kosmetika® (Carlsbad Cosmetics®) are distribute in Czech republic to the sales places of pharmacies, drugstores etc.

For further information, please feel free to contact our Sales Department, VŘÍDLO, v.d., Sales Department, Kamenického 8,  360 04 Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic Tel.: +420 353 242 160
Fax: +420 353 242 163 • email: odbyt@vridlo.cz • Web site: www.vridlo.cz

We would like to thank you that with the purchase of our products you continue to help us maintain and expand the rich history and tradition of the production of the Karlovy Vary Cosmetics.

The Team of the VŘÍDLO Manufacturing Cooperation Employees.

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