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Karlovy Vary - city of the hot springs

For thousands of years the world-renowned spring with curative mineral water – the Karlovy Vary Vřídlo Spring - has been gushing from the earth. It has become the symbol of the largest and most famous spa in the Czech Republic. The spa lies in the centre of Europe and the spring is truly its eternally pulsating heart. Everything that is important for making Karlovy Vary the great spa resort it is, is concentrated around this hot spring. It supplies all the spa facilities with thermal therapeutic water, from which the Karlovy Vary hot-spring salts are made and provides the gaseous carbon dioxide necessary for the gas baths. One of fountainheads of the Vřídlo hot-water spring (72°C) is indeed the spring that is gushing in the Vřídlo Colonnade and attracts the attention of all the guests visiting the city.

Karlovy Vary - the city of thirteen mineral springs, undoubtedly belongs to the largest and most famous spa centers in the Czech Republic.

The spa is operated continuously over six centuries to this day, thanks to which it is no longer possible to count how many patients owed to Karlovy Vary for their healing.


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