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Oral CareCarlotherm - ústní vody a pasty

Today, it is a matter of course that the care of the oral cavity inseparably belongs to the basic hygiene habits of a modern person. Among the main reasons for using the preparations for oral hygiene are: Their cleaning effect, antibacterial and disinfecting properties, their influence in the fight against tooth decay, the massaging impact on the gums and last, but not least, the refreshing of the breath and subsequently the evoking of a pleasant feeling in the mouth.This can be attained only with the regular use of high-quality toothpaste, tooth brush and mouth water. VŘÍDLO, v.d., KARLOVARSKÁ KOSMETIKA® is a manufacturer of a long line of first-class toothpastes and mouth washes that are as good, if not better than the products of the renowned world producers. An important factor supporting the quality of products offered by the Manufacturing Co-op Vřídlo is that in most of their products they use natural materials from the vegetable kingdom and mainly that they use also natural minerals – as e.g. the Karlovy Vary Hot Spring Salts. Here we must mention the toothpastes of the CARLOTHERM® line, where the main and functional component is the Karlovy Vary Hot Spring Salt. The hot spring salt attained by evaporation of the Karlovy Vary mineral water is added to the product together with other active ingredients. With this combination we have a totally unique product in the world for the care of the oral cavity.


CARLOTHERM RodinkaCARLOTHERM® Rodinka (Carlotherm® Family)

It is a foamy toothpaste with fluorine and is designed for the entire family. The toothpaste contains genuine Karlovy Vary hot spring salts in combination with an extremely effective antibacterial component. It cleanses sensitively, and helps reduce tooth decay and plaque. This toothpaste is suitable for children with milk teeth as well as for grown-ups. A truly unique composition of this preparation ensures the proper care of your mouth cavity and has a salutary effect on the state and development of the gums. Why are these toothpastes so exceptional? The answer is simple - by the addition of Karlovy Vary hot spring salts. Hot spring salt is attained from the curative hot spring Vřídlo in Karlovy Vary. This one-of-a-kind mineral water with its trace elements is successfully used for the treatment of a variety of illnesses, among others for instance, for mouth washing – teeth irrigation. The antibacterial additive prolongs the effectiveness of fighting the creation of plaque.
Content: 100 ml • Product code 00504

Carlotherm AntiCARLOTHERM®  Anti

is a non-foaming toothpaste. It is a traditional dental hygiene product that for many years now is a favourite for those that prefer quality and demand a toothpaste manufactured according to the latest medical knowhow and with the greatest care. These toothpastes are exceptionally functional thanks to their ingredients - Karlovy Vary Hot Spring Mineral Salts and the antibacterial component. As this toothpaste does not contain fluorine, colouring or foaming additives, it is especially appropriate for people sensitive to these substances. Thanks to the addition of mineral salts it has exceptional cleansing properties – Karlovy Vary Therapeutic Salts are a very effective ally in the fight against tooth plaque, and by this, also against the formation of tooth decay and problems with the gums. The antibacterial component has a prolonging influence so it significantly extends the cleaning effect.                 Content: 100 g • Product code 00505

Carlotherm 7 bylinekCARLOTHERM® 7 Herbs

arlovy Vary foaming toothpaste with the content of fluorine, herbal extracts and Karlovy Vary hot spring salts. The effective combination of natural mineral salts and 7 types of curative herbs. It is a preparation containing genuine Karlovy Vary hot spring salts that has a beneficial effect on the gums; together with extracts of seven different curative herbs. It cleans with care, disinfects, efficiently acts against the creation of a bacterial layer, which is one of the main causes of gum inflammations. This tooth paste has extracts of seven different therapeutic herbs that take care of your health: German Chamomile (Chamomilla Recutita) – acts as an anti-inflammatory and disinfectant. Burdock (Arctium Majus) – strengthens the immunity of the organism. Mountain Arnica (Arnica Montana) – effective against paradentitis. Stinging Nettles (Urtica Dioica) – they have an anti-inflammatory and reinvigoration effect, lower the sugar level in blood. Horsetail (Equisetum Arvense) – prevent the bleeding of gums. Silver birch (Betula Alba) – stimulating effect. Medicinal Sage (Salvia Officinalis) – acts as a bactericide, a styptic, helps during inflammations of the oral cavity and larynx. A pleasant herbal taste prolongs the refreshing feeling in the mouth.     Content: 100 ml • Product code 00503

Medamint zubní pastaMEDAMINT

Foaming tooth paste without fluorine or colouring additives. Contains extracts of therapeutic herbs, especially chamomile and peppermint. German Chamomile and Peppermint work as an anti-inflammatory and provide a feeling of fresh cleanliness to the mouth. Regular use favourably affects the state of oral cavity and works preventively against the creation of teeth cavities.

Content: 100 g • Product code 00509



Mouthwashes and Preparations for Gum Treatment.zdraví celé rodiny

Karlovy Vary mouth washes belong without doubt to the quality treatment of the teeth and the entire oral cavity. It contains components with antibacterial effects, so with regular use, for instance after brushing your teeth, they significantly prolong the cleansing effect of brushing alone. These active components perfectly act against the creation of a bacterial layer on the teeth – the so called plaque. Mouthwashes produced at the Manufacturing Cooperative VŘÍDLO, are already prepared to directly used to rinse the mouth and do not have to be diluted. Use of these products is very simple: It is recommended to rinse your mouth after every meal and that by rolling the solution in your mouth for about 1 minute. After the rinsing is completed, spit out the liquid and you do not have to rinse out your mouth with clean water any more. Karlovy Vary mouthwashes can be used any time during the day, e.g. at your employment, during travelling and anywhere that you cannot use the classic method for any reason.




Herbal massaging solution ARNIKA

Ústní voda bylinná

Carlotherm Family Mouthwash 500ml

HERBAL MASSAGING SOLUTION FOR THE CARE OF GUMS. This is an exceptional product for fighting inflammation of the gums, oral infection or the occurrence of aphtha. It contains the pure extract of the herbal plant MOUNTAIN ARNICA (Arnica Montana), which promotes the blood circulation and maximizes the effect of massaging the afflicted gums. It also contains MEDICINAL AGRIMONY (Agrimonia Eupatoria), and PEPPERMINT (Mentha Piperita). Agrimony acts as a styptic – it has capabilities of stopping bleeding and has disinfectant properties. Peppermint also disinfects and pacifies the irritated gums.
For truly exceptional results we recommend the following procedure: Complete the massage of the gums several times-a-day, namely before sleeping, after the last meal and brushing the teeth. Wet a cotton dip on a stick into the solution and with pressure apply the solution to the gums parallel to the gums. Repeat at least three times-a-day around each tooth so that the gums are smoothed down.

Content: 55 ml • Product code 00551

MOUTHWASH CARLOTHERM® Bylinná (Herbal) is a MOUTHWASH WITHOUT ALCOHOL OR COLOURING ADDITIVES. Its main advantage is the high content of effective herbs and plants. It is alcohol-free and does not have any synthetic solvents. Its color comes from the high content of therapeutic herbal extracts. It also does not contain any compounds of fluorine either and, therefore, is very suitable for people sensitive to these compounds.

Content: 275 ml • Product code 00553

MOUTHWASH CARLOTHERM® Rodinka (Family) is an ALCOHOL-FREE MOUTHWASH designed for the direct use BY THE ENTIRE FAMILY as a preparation for complex dental hygiene. It is extremely suitable for everyday use. It contains active substances: chlorhexidiyne digluconate (antibacterial component), zinc sulphate (acts as a styptic, strengthens the gums) and fluorine (increases the resistance of tooth enamel). Peppermint adds a fresh taste. The preparation does not need to be diluted and is ready for use. Use mouthwash after every meal, also after cleaning teeth, preferably before sleeping.
Content: 500 ml • Product code 00555

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