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Karlovarské koupelové soli Masážní přípravky - krémy a emulze Krémy na ruce - pěstící, ochranné a pracovní Prostředky péče o tělo a nohy
In today’s modern times full of stress and rushing about it is necessary to learn how to truly rest and relax. The traditional repose and relaxation has been for a long time now a bath in salts from the Karlovy Vary hot springs... Massaging creams and emulsions are manufactured on the basis of the knowledge and requirements of the rehabilitation centres in cooperation of experienced experts in the field of spa therapy and rehabilitation. VŘÍDLO, karlovarská kosmetika® has already many years of experience with the manufacturing of special creams aimed at the treatment or pampering of the hands. Cream for treating hardened skin. Very effective for treating problematic skin and calluses. It contains lecithin, lavender and lactic acid. These active components positively...
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Beauty care

Oral Hygiene

Pleťová kosmetika Ústní hygiena
Traditional product of Karlovy Vary KOSMETIKA® designed for the treatment of young and problematic complexions. Preparation contains natural camphor that enhances blood circulation... Today, it is a matter of course that the care of the oral cavity inseparably belongs to the basic hygiene habits of a modern person. Among the main reasons for using the preparations for oral hygiene are...
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