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Products for the care of the body and legs

OZALIN levandulový krémOZALIN®

Cream for treating hardened skin. Very effective for treating problematic skin and calluses. It contains lecithin, lavender and lactic acid. These active components positively affect the corneous skin, soften it and make it finer. In combination with the OZAL foot bath preparation it relieves the inconvenience or can even completely remove the problem. It is recommended to use twice-a-day, especially after bathing, which dries up the skin, particularly in problematic areas; mainly on the feet, soles of the feet, but also on the elbows. (For more details read “How to take care of your feet”).     Content: 50 g • Product code 00203


Camphoric massaging cream, containing a rich amount of natural camphor and rosemary. It promotes the blood circulation of the weary muscles of the body and legs. By expediting the metabolism and blood circulation it supports the nourishment of the tissues. With CAMPHEROL the effectiveness of the massaging is undeniably improved, the rubbing and kneading is made easier by creating a slick surface; fatigue is thus removed in the area of application and the muscles are refreshed.    Content: 50 g • Product code 00201

ARNIKA bylinný krémARNIKA®

A herbal cream containing extracts of medicinal herbs Arnica Montana, Therapeutic Agrimonies, Garden Thyme, Medicinal Rosemary, and Gum Tree (Eucalyptus). The medicinal herb Arnica is known over the centuries for its high efficiency. It causes increased blood circulation in the place of application. Extracts from Arnica contain effective eucalyptus oil and flavonoids. For its aseptic effect it is used also as an anti-perspiration agent, namely with problems of increased foot sweating.   Therapeutic Agrimonies is an efficient anti-inflammatory agent and has healing powers. Garden Thyme is one of the strongest natural antiseptics! It is extremely effective against bacteria and fungi of the feet (“athlete’s foot”). Medicinal Rosemary acts as a disinfectant and has a powerful anti-rheumatic impact. Eucalyptus has a pacifying effect during states of discomfort, especially from fatigue or during rheumatic pain. The product also contains natural Salicylate, which is a component of natural ethereal oils. Salicylate is also a welcome partner when it comes to combating problems of the locomotion organism.                                                            Content: 50 g • Product code 00202

Karlovarská HERBIE bylinnáKARLOVARSKÁ HERBIEKarlovarská HERBIE ke změkčení kůže

HERBAL CREAM that is in its composition and effect very similar to the ARNIKA® Cream. It is designed as a massaging cream and it contains camphor and extracts of medicinal herbs, especially Arnica. It has found popularity during athletics, physical strain and rheumatic pain. It significantly reduces sweating.      Content: 100 g • Product code 00205


CREAM FOR SOFTENING HARDENED SKIN contains natural extracts as Lavender, Lecithin and others. With its composition and effects it resembles OZALIN®, and its application is for treating so-called  “chapped skin.”                        
Content: 100 g • Product code 00206

KARLOVKA francovkový krémKARLOVKA

KARLOVY VARY EMBROCATION “FRANCOVKA” CREAM for treating the entire body. This product is intended for the same broad usage as the renowned liquid product Francovka. It is manufactured on the same basis as Francovka, except it has the texture of a cream and, therefore there is improved absorption, resulting in prolonged effect. It contains natural menthol that refreshes and softens the complexion. KARLOVKA also contains extracts of medicinal herbs Chamomile and Lavender that have a very positive effect on the regeneration of your skin and thus contributes towards an overall pleasant frame of mind.    Content: 80 g • Product code 00218



DELFÍN dětská pěna do koupele

DOLPHIN Foam bath for children

Dolphin Bath suds for children in dolphin container. Contents chamomile, rosemary and olive oil extract. Has raspberry scent.
Volume: 200 ml • Product code 00674



You are; most likely, aware of the importance that your feet offer you as a helper. They take you to work every day, as well as to any amusement of your choice. You stand on them for most of the day, frequently during the execution of your profession.
    We often become aware of the importance of our feet only after they stop serving us. Any inconvenience can occur even before any major disorder of your feet, all that is needed are calluses, corns, sweating, or weariness - and you are awakened from your false dream of having permanent, reliable; and of course obedient legs and their ever-ready preparedness for a call to duty.
    A self-indulgent person would like to fall for such day-dreaming and one demands such permanent compliance from his feet up until the time when any remedy is hard to reach, or even beyond accessibility. The only certainty we have is that it is easier to rectify these predicaments in advance; we just have to know how. Therefore, here are a couple of tips, some advice about correct and effective treatment of the feet and how to maintain them in good condition.      The simplest and most effective is certainly taking care of healthy feet. All that is needed then is to pay attention to regular cleaning, combined with light massaging and a little exercising. At the same time, we should not forget about correct footwear.
    Our unpleasant fellow-travellers in modern civilization and in fashion trends are especially calluses and corns. Calluses, hardened and enlarged skin can be handled successfully to a certain extent with proper and regular care. More difficult is the treatment of corns, because during their unprofessional domestic removal their sharp core is usually left behind. On top of this, there is a danger of injury and when neglected it can lead to difficulties. The images of the microscopic cuts through calluses and corns are very informative in this direction. With calluses the layers of hardened skin are parallel and can be successfully carved out. Contrary to that, the tip of the core of a corn is submerged deep into the skin layer and is richly vascularised.  Thus, during the cutting we either remove only the top layer, and leave the core – which means the surgery is meaningless; or we cut too deep, which can cause injury and bleeding of surrounding tissue, and that can be extremely dangerous. The correct way is to disengage the surroundings of the corn with a special scalpel or scissors and only then can we start to remove the core of the corn. In conditions available in our homes it is almost impossible and it is recommended that removal of corns is entrusted to experts, who have special tools to do it properly. There is still another difference between calluses and corns. While corns do not have any physiological role, calluses have their justification, because they protect soft tissue in places of the body that run the risk of damage due to pressure, impact or extreme changes of temperature. We, therefore, cannot expect that we have the same delicate complexion of our skin on our heels or soles as e.g. on our stomach. On the contrary, we should always count on a necessary slight strengthening. It is, however, important that the thickening of the skin does not carry over into the creation of hard calluses and to ensure that the thickened skin is still supple and that it does not disintegrate into deep and often painful cracks.


Excellent helpers are the PREPARATION FOR SOFTENING HARDENED SKIN OZALIN® or KARLOVY VARY HERBIE CREAM FOR SOFTENING HARDENED SKIN. For the treatment proceed as follows: Bathe your feet in hot water with the additive SŮL NA NOHY OZAL (OZAL – SALT FOR THE FEET). After bathing and a slight drying proceed to remove the top layer of the calluses that have been softened in the bath with a pumice stone. Into the still moist skin – or even better after another short soaking in hot water, followed by a quick drying, rub into the area some anti-calluses ointment OZALIN®. Repeat the application of OZALIN® in the morning and in the evening, or at least once-a-day. If you do not have enough time, you can apply the above-mentioned product without prior soaking, although the bathing in hot water with the addition of the Ozal salt significantly intensifies the softening. With this procedure you can minimize the hard calluses and with the regular application of the OZALIN® ointment at least once-a-day you can achieve a soft, but physiologically strengthened skin on the soles of the feet, mainly on the sensitive heels, where there is a tendency towards the creation of calluses.
    Another inckoupel nohouonvenience with the feet is their SWEATING. It is the result of the excessive activity of the sweat glands; of which there is an abundant amount on the feet, especially on the soles. Perspiring removes poisonous waste products from the body and is important for maintaining the sufficient suppleness of the skin. It also creates a prophylactic acidulous layer on the skin that protects against the retention and propagation of infectious germs. For these reasons we should not attempt to totally suppress perspiration.
However, the sweat glands often excrete an excessive amount of perspiration; more than is needed. This is promoted also by the fact that we cover our feet for most of the day in our socks and shoes, which inhibits the regular evaporation of the perspiration.
    Excessive and retained sweat deposits on the skin and unpleasantly manifests itself in several ways. Decomposition takes place thanks to numerous types of bacteria. Resulting biodegradation products stink severely and unpleasantly. They often make the social life of the afflicted impossible and even create feelings of inferiority for them. The sweat concentrates mainly between the toes, and this brings about the saturation and the mucous deterioration of the top layers of skin, which then start to tear. Remnants of torn skin, if they are not removed, start to accumulate and irritate the skin. The created cracks gradually progress deeper and deeper and become the cause of further inflictions, pain and infections. Sweaty moist skin is a suitable breeding ground for fungi or other inflammations – the germs of such diseases are usually the result of contamination from another infected person, but areas for such contact are many (public bathrooms, accommodation sites, swimming pools, etc.). This kind of infliction is often unpleasant and persistent and their treatment should be entrusted to the doctors. The best prevention against excessive perspiration is regular hygiene care, wearing loose and airy shoes; and frequent exchanging of socks, preferably cotton.
    If you have the feeling that your feet are producing sweat excessively, even if they are in the state of inactivity, or when the surrounding temperatures are low; then use foot-baths with the preparation OZAL KARLOVARSKÁ KOUPEL NOHOU (OZAL FOOT BATH PREPARATION). It is best to use cooler water or not to keep the feet in the water for a longer time, because that way the mucous constitution of the skin caused by the retained sweat is increased and the skin further deteriorates. After drying with a towel, administer into the skin of the feet, especially on the soles and between the toes, a small amount of ARNIKA® cream, which has a proven effect against excessive sweating.  A very important ally in the fight against foot infection during increased perspiration is the PROTIPLÍSŇOVÝ ZÁSYP NA NOHY (ANTI-PERSPIRANT POWDER FOR FEET). The disinfection capabilities of this product prevent the attachment and multiplication of germs. When needed to remove or prevent odours, use the preparation PROTIPLÍSŇOVÝ ZÁSYP NA NOHY (ANTI-FUNGI POWDER FOR FEET) containing the patented active component ANSILVER®. The use of this product is very simple: just powder the feet and areas between the toes or sprinkle into the socks. It also can be applied directly into the shoes to remove odours.      Another cause of discomfort that is often brought about by improperly chosen footwear is the weakening of muscles that support the arch of the feet. The MASSAGING CREAM CAMPHEROL® has proven to be an excellent aid against this painful problem. It helps the blood circulation of the muscles, improves the effectiveness of massaging and refreshes the muscles.Campherol kafrový mazážní krém
    A good, trusty and reliable service to your feet can be achieved under all circumstances even up to a ripe old age by which you can adequately reward them for the years of their service. They – and at the same time – you, deserve it!


ANSILVER® is an anti-bacterial preparation protected by a patent on the basis of inorganic carriers with an additive of active silver. Active silver found in ANSILVER® offers a prolonged restraint of foot odour; stops the creation and growth of fungi. It can be applied directly on the feet, into socks or shoes.    Content: 120 ml • Product code 21207

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