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Hand Creams - treating, protective and specialized for working conditionspéče o ruce

VŘÍDLO, karlovarská kosmetika® has already many years of experience with the manufacturing of special creams aimed at the treatment or pampering of the hands. The products designed for the treatment of hands are made only from quality raw materials using the best manufacturing technologies. Strict hygiene conditions are for the Manufacturing Co-op VŘÍDLO a must.


Hand Cream containing collagen and vitamin E. It is an excellent and effective cream for the daily treatment of the hands. COLLAGEN and VITAMIN E act against aging and help regenerate the skin of the hands. The cream absorbs very well and rapidly, does not leave the feeling of greasy hands and, thereby, does not limit any activity following application (sport, work, and other.) It is recommended to apply several times-a-day, especially when one has the feeling of dry hands. With regular use one can achieve excellent results – your skin will be pleasantly supple, it will attain and maintain a youthful look. Pleasant perfuming offers a refreshing feeling.    Content: 80 g • Product code 00231


Cream for the treatment of the skin of the hands and for fingernails. This cream is very appropriate for households and everywhere where damage or over-exertion of the skin on the hands can occur.  It contains the active components PANTHENOL, ALANTOIN and LACTIC ACID. These components have regenerative and protective effects. After regular application the cream works for a longer time, the hands are delicate and smooth, and are thoroughly hydrated.

Content: 80 g • Product code 00232

Activ protectionACTIV PROTECTION

Special Hand Cream for treatment of hands without the feeling of oily hands. It serves as a protection of the hands during work against the undesirable effects of the workplace. The cream can be applied before the start of work and during it. After application there is not a greasy feeling on the hands. Following drying and partial absorption it creates a thin, non-sticky and protective layer on the hands, by which the so-called “invisible gloves” effect occurs.
Content: 100 g • Product code 00237

Skin careSCIN CARE

Special hand cream. The cream serves as hand care after work. It absorbs quickly and softens skin.  It contains vitamin E, lanolin, and other active substances which support the quick regeneration of hand skin. It is applied a few times daily after work onto clean hands.
Content: 100 g • Product code 00239


Klír gelKLÍR GEL

Highly effective and non-toxic gel for washing the hands. It contains PEMZA that effectively removes various types of uncleanliness. Another ingredient is LANOLIN that soothes and moisturizes the skin. Thus, the danger of the skin dehydration is minimized. It can be used together with water or without. Therefore, it is a very appropriate product for work, when travelling and everywhere there is a limited approach to clean water
Volume: 500 ml • Product code 00241


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