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Massaging preparates - creams and emulsions

Massaging belongs among the therapeutic methods that with the help of several mechanical stimulations, completed most often with the hands on the surface of the body, evoke local and remote changes for the better. We must search for its history more than 4 000 years ago in ancient Egypt and China. Presently, its popularity is rising again. In today’s lifestyle, when we spend most of our spare time in a sitting position or when we limit ourselves to a poor movement stereotype, disorders of the locomotor apparatus often occur. These disorders manifest themselves with unpleasant indications, starting with the feeling of permanent fatigue all the way to extreme states of pain. Massaging is one of the effective methods how to minimize these feelings.

Among the basic types of massages we include:

  1. PREPARATIVE MASSAGES – have overall strengthening effects and help build physical and mental prowess.
  2. EXTRAORDINARY MASSAGES - activate the organism towards achieving maximum performance.
  3. RELAXATION MASSAGES – helps eliminate fatigue, expedite the regeneration of the organism and instigate overall relaxation. 

VŘÍDLO, KARLOVARSKÁ KOSMETIKA® produces 3 types of massaging emulsions in volume packaging for the customer 1000 ml.

Massaging creams and emulsions are manufactured on the basis of the knowledge and requirements of the rehabilitation centres in cooperation of experienced experts in the field of spa therapy and rehabilitation.

EMMA Základní/BasicKarlovy Vary Massaging Emulsion EMMA ZÁKLADNÍ (BASIC EMMA)

Is designed for preparative and conditioning massages. The product has excellent properties for the so-called basic, that is neutral massages. It contains a number of natural components, e.g. LANOLIN that softens and regenerates the skin. Due to its gentle properties it is recommended in cases of frequent application.
Packaging: 1000ml • Product code 00220

EMMA Hřejivá/WarmingKarlovy Vary Massaging Emulsion EMMA HŘEJIVÁ (WARMING EMMA)

is for extraordinary and stimulating massages. The product contains natural camphor that instigates increased blood circulation of the muscles and skin in the area of application. This, in turn, causes the warming and stimulation of the muscles. The product serves very well as an activating massage before performance.
Packaging: 1000ml • Product code 00221


EMMA chladiváKarlovy Vary Massaging Emulsion EMMA CHLADIVÁ (CHILLING EMMA)

is a product aimed at massaging after performance, during relaxation, or during a stay in a hot environment. It serves to provide the feeling “cooling down” and refreshing of the body. The product has natural MENTHOL in it, which quickly pacifies and removes the feeling of heat from the skin and muscles. The preparation also contains LANOLINE that softens and regenerates the skin.
Packaging: 1000ml • Product code 00222

Carlolacin 600mlKarlovy Vary Massaging Cream CARLOLACIN

Carlolacin 500ml dávkovač|Dispenser

This is мassaging cream on the basis of the needs of the rehabilitation centres, spa facilities and similar establishments. It contains an extract from natural green tea. GREEN TEA acts as a NATURAL ANTISEPTIC. This cream is easy to apply and is very easy to rub in. It relieves the muscle tension and helps the regeneration of the skin. Due to the high percentage of oil components it is not difficult to work with and the skin is suppler after the massage. Furthermore, the gentle and pleasant aroma of green tea provides a feeling of refreshment and tranquillity.
Volume: 500 ml  (Dispenser) Product code 00240, 600 ml Product code 00242, 1000 ml 002401 and 3000 ml under Product code 002403


If you want to improve your health, or only get rid of fatigue, then visit an expert in the field of rehabilitation – a masseur that uses quality and natural products of the VŘÍDLO, karlovarská kosmetika® tradename. These products are appropriate even for people with an allergic reaction to synthetic substances that are often present in the products of our competitors. Adhering to the following recommendations is an important factor in the approach of the patient towards massaging:


  1. Post-traumatic, after operations, opening of scars, conditions after healing of injuries.
  2. Chronical rheumatic pain.
  3. Subakutní, chronické, degenerativní - zánětlivé choroby.
  4. Disorders of the blood circulation (doctor’s recommendation needed!).
  5. Diseases of the respiratory organs.
  6. Constipation.
  7. Nervous system diseases (polio-myelitis, pareses, paraplegia).
  8.  Convalescence – conditions after severe diseases, physical fatigue during muscle weariness.


  1. Feverish, contagious and inflammation diseases.
  2. During overall physical weakness.
  3. Skin diseases.
  4. Bleeding diseases - haemophilia.
  5. Decalcification of the bones.
  6. Stomach diseases – diarrhoea disorders.
  7. Bleeding of ureter into bile duct.
  8. Full urinary bladder or large intestine.
  9. Pregnancy and two months after birth.
  10. Tumours (does not always apply!)

The client assumes the position for massaging (usually it is to lie flat either on stomach or back), with arms loose next to body, preferably on a massage table, or on a firm surface. You can also sit astride on a chair in reverse with hands loosely on knees (position for massaging the neck).  For thorough blood circulation and for better feeling of relaxation it is recommended to be completely naked. For the classical massage it is better to use products without perfumes and colouring. For example, Karlovarská masážní emulze EMMA – ZÁKLADNÍ (Karlovy Vary Massaging Emulsion BASIC EMMA). Products with chilling or heating effects should never be applied on sensitive areas or on the mucous membrane! Emulsions – are comprised of two components; water and oils. These components do not blend together and, therefore, must be united with so called Emulsifiers.  During situations where pain is present, it is appropriate to use herbal cream ARNIKA® for massaging, or the camphoric massaging cream CAMPHEROL®. A novelty among the products for massaging is the Karlovy Vary Massaging Cream CARLOLACIN, which thanks to its high content of the oily components is useable both in professional and domestic conditions. The effect of the massage is noticeably enhanced when special massaging preparations offered by VŘÍDLO are applied in combinations with baths, using preparations from the KARLOVY VARY BATH SALTS product line. These products are an excellent complement to achieve a situation of complete relaxation of the tired muscles.


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