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Karlovy Vary Bath Salts

In today’s modern times full of stress and rushing about it is necessary to learn how to truly rest and relax. The traditional repose and relaxation has been for a long time now a bath in salts from the Karlovy Vary hot springs, containing vegetable oils and extracts from West Bohemian peat bogs. The production of Karlovy Vary bath salts is based on historical traditions. The bath has not only the fundamental cleansing function, but also has a positive effect on the nervous system, on the regeneration and relaxation, supports the metabolism and has a visible therapeutic effect on the skin. It acts preventively against skin diseases. In the summer months it supplements the skin with mineral and trace elements and thus supplies the body with important substances. Regular bathing with Karlovy Vary salt additives significantly reduces sweating. Mineral and trace elements penetrate into the skin and bring about their smoothness and daintiness. Baths with Karlovy Vary bath salts containing herbal extracts have healing effects, remove fatigue and burning, and reduce pain. Vegetable oils found in the Karlovy Vary Bath Salts contribute even towards the cleansing of the upper respiratory system and make the bathing more enjoyable. Regular use of the Karlovy Vary Bath Salts, produced by the Manufacturing Cooperation VŘÍDLO under the tradename Karlovarská kosmetika®  and made on the basis of the mineralization of the Karlovy Vary hot springs, can achieve the same results as the so called “bath therapy” in the spas.

Procedure for using bath salts: For routine domestic baths it is recommended to add to the bath (in bathtub) at least 25 grams of the powder product.  In the case where higher concentrations are desired we recommend increasing this dose 2 - 5 times. The bath water should be warm, however, not unpleasantly hot (usual body temperature.)  The recommended duration in the bath is about 15-20 minutes, but should not exceed 30 minutes. During the bathing we can carry out the usual hygienic routine, but it is recommended to observe a regime of tranquillity, to relax and breathe from the bottom of your lungs. This way a greater feeling of relaxation and improved blood circulation under the skin occurs. After the bath we recommend a short rinsing - shower with cooler water. Subsequently, for perfect treatment of the skin it is good to treat the entire body with, for instance, a body cream with hydrating properties.

OzalBath Salt OZAL 250 gOZAL® Karlovy Vary Baths

Are a popular traditional mixture of bath salts and selected therapeutic herbs in the form of a soluble powder. The bath has a positive effect on the nervous system, on regeneration and relaxation. It promotes the metabolism process within the body. The blend of therapeutic herbs contains: Thyme  (Thymus Vulgaris), Rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis) and Gum Tree (Eucalyptus Globulus). These natural oils have stimulating, refreshing and antiseptic effects. OZAL Bath Salts is available in several packagings: OZAL 25-gram sachet for one common-sized bath, OZAL 200 g dose for 4 - 8 baths and in the largest package - OZAL 1000 g dose for 30 - 40 effective baths.
Packaging 1000 g • Product code Blue 00621 and Orange 00622     Packaging: 250 g • Product code 00601     Packaging: Sachet 25 g • Product code 00604

OZAL Bath Sakt for legs 250gOZAL Karlovy Vary Foot Bath 25gOZAL® Karlovy Vary Foot Bath

An excellent and effective additive for the treatment of feet. It gets rid of fatigue and burning of feet and thoroughly refreshes. It contains NATURAL SALICYLATE, which functions against pain. Further extracts from Thyme and Rosemary. It is used as a means for the complex treatment of the feet – more in the section “How to take care of your feet”. OZAL Karlovy Vary Foot Bath is a powder product prepared for the customer in a 200 g packaging and in a single-bath dose of 25 g.
250 g Package • Product code 00602 and 25 g Sachet • Product code 00605

ARNIKA karlovarská koupelARNIKA® Karlovy Vary Bath

Is a proven and effective preparation for baths and is unique in its content of the therapeutic herb ARNICA Montana. That has a significant effect on the blood circulation and has a significant antiseptic result. It also contains an extract of Rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis) and Gum Tree (Eucalyptus Globulus). It substantially reduces perspiration. ARNIKA® Karlovy Vary Foot Bath is a powder product prepared for the customer in a 200 g packaging and in a single-bath dose of 25 g.       
200 g Package • Product code 00620 (or in Glass Jar 200 g) and 25 g Sachet • Product code 00606

SPRING SALT 400 gSPRING SALT Karlovy Vary Bath Salt

SPRING SALT Karlovy Vary Bath Salt - Powder preparation product for baths with a content of hot spring salts and herbal oils in a luxury gift package. This is a traditional product hand-filled into glass jars with a wooden plug. The hand-filled hot-spring salts in the glass jars create an interesting variety of non-repeatable layers. Very original and practical gift.    Content: 400 g • Product code 00614


ORIGINÁL karlovarská koupelová sůlORIGINAL Karlovy Vary Bath Salt

Traditional bath preparation in the form of a fine powder manufactured according to original recipes of Karlovy Vary pharmacists from the 19th century. It is unique in its composition, namely in the addition of genuine hot spring salts from the Karlovy Vary Hot Spring - VŘÍDLO (72°C), by evaporating the curative water. The product further contains oils from the herbs: Arnica, Rosemary, Thyme and Eucalyptus.     Content: 300 g • Product code 00610


Sůl s vůní pomeranče

Karlovy Vary Bath Salt with the aroma of ORANGES

Characteristic fruit scent with the fragrance of red oranges having a refreshing effect.        Content: 300 g • Product code 00626

Karlovy Vary Bath Salt with the aroma of CLOVESSůl s vůní hřebíčku

Extraordinary, enchanting fragrance for relaxation and relief after work.    Content: 300 g • Product code 00624

Sůl s vůní lipového květu Karlovy Vary Bath Salt with the aroma of LINDEN TREE FLOWERS or CHAMOMILE.
Sůl s vůní heřmánku

The bath offers the body a feeling of cleanliness, and a pronounced herbal fragrance
for the ease of mind. Content: 300 g • Product codes 00625 and 00623

Sůl s vůní fialkyKarlovy Vary Bath Salt with the aroma of VIOLETS

A fragrant bath with the sweet smell of violet flowers adds a touch of romantism to the bath and refreshes the mind.        Content: 300 g • Product code 00628



Sůl s vůní skořiceKarlovy Vary Bath Salt with the aroma of CINNAMON

Delicate, original fragrance of cinnamon for a relaxation bath.
Content: 300 g • Product code 00627

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